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Down Payment Assistance On Used Cars

Whether you're on a budget or making an effort to spend consciously, it can be challenging to set aside finances until the right used vehicle comes along. However, when it comes to car finance, our dealership offers amazing benefits. Our team is always here to help you through the car-buying process, even if you need some down payment assistance on used cars near Eastern Tennessee!

Down Payment Assistance near Eastern Tennessee

The down payment assistance program is the best way to drive a new-to-you vehicle. Whether you're a first-time car buyer or have little to no credit history, our down payment assistance can help you secure any used vehicle you need. Our down payment assistance program is through DigniFi. At Volunteer Auto Group, our financing department has strong relations with banks, financial providers, and other types of financing companies to bring our customers the best and many options for financing a used vehicle. When you use DigniFit, you can get fast, flexible financing for used vehicles near Eastern Tennessee.

What is DigniFi?

Similar to other flexible financing systems, DigniFi is a quick and easy way to finance a used vehicle! When it's time to buy or upgrade, DigniFi helps make financing more affordable and streamlined. One great thing about DigniFi is that the application is right on our site. Within a few minutes, you can quickly get a decision after completing the three simple steps of pre-qualifying, applying, and signing documents. At Volunteer Auto Group, we know our inventory of used cars goes quickly, so it only made sense for our down payment assistance on used cars near Eastern Tennessee to work quickly too!

Pre-Qualifying with DigniFi

The first step is getting pre-qualified for down payment assistance on used cars near Eastern Tennessee. Getting pre-qualified is as easy as filling out your name and address to determine if you are pre-qualified. This step will not affect your credit score, but a soft credit pull will be conducted to help determine your qualification. If you are pre-qualified, a potential financing amount will be shared, and you will receive an invitation to move forward with the application. 

Applying for Down Payment Assistance with DigniFi

During this part of the process is when we ask for more information about you. Everything you input into our forms is secure as we protect and value our customer's trust. Once everything is reviewed, you'll learn the maximum assistance you qualify for. If there is a need for more, we encourage you to talk through other options with our finance team!

Get a Used Car with Down Payment Assistance

Taking advantage of down payment assistance on used cars near Eastern Tennessee is one of the best ways to buy. The process takes only a few minutes of your time, and you can complete the process using your phone, tablet, or computer! At Volunteer Auto Group, our team is happy to thoroughly explain down payment assistance as well as help you learn about the used vehicles in our inventory. Whenever you're ready, visit us or apply for down payment assistance online today!

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