Top Tips for the Best Used Car Test Drive Experience in Knoxville

Getting to test drive a used car you've decided has potential can be both fun and overwhelming for Oak Ridge, TN driver. This is especially true for those who are experiencing their first test drive. To help eliminate any possible anxiety, Volunteer Auto Group has put together a quick list of ways to make your next test drive even easier in Maryville and Lenoir City, TN.

  • Designate a small notebook for the car shopping process, especially for test drives. Use this little book to list questions and jot down checklists to go over before the test drive and record answers, and make notes so that you can compare the cars you've tested by driving them.
  • Bring a friend whose opinion you value and can help you maintain a level head.
  • Keep an open mind about buying used.
  • Explore every viable option thoroughly before making a final decision.
  • Ask as many questions as you need to and pay attention to the answers. If they're vague and seem sketchy, you may need to move along to the next option on your list.
  • Take your time to get a good feel for what it will be like to drive that car every day.

The last two tips are a bit more in-depth. They are the basis for the previously mentioned checklists. The checklist you'll implement examines the vehicle's exterior. The most important things to look outside the car for are:

  • Any fluids puddled up underneath the car
  • The condition of all four tires
  • Damage to the Body
  • Damage to the mirrors and glass
  • Accuracy to the provided information from the seller.

Similarly, before your drive to test the vehicle goes anywhere, there are several things to check within the vehicle as well. These include visibility and blind spots, the functionality of all gauges and meters, legroom, headroom, and elbow room, and any variety of safety features as well.

Not all Used Car dealerships are the same. Not all take great care to ensure you get the best shopping experience and drive away with your ideal car. Instead, visit the team at Volunteer Auto Group and discover what used car buying should be. Follow these tips, and you're on the right path to enjoying your dream car.

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